Feasts of Brassica & Beans

Compared to the average UK diet, eating this weekly menu means you will:

  • Save around 28.87 kg CO2e per person.
  • Thats equivalent to the emissions produced driving 238km in a modern car.

Shopping List

Ingredient Amount
Onion 1 Large 1 small
Leek 3
Potato 1.65 kg
Garlic 21 Cloves
Cannelli Beans 150g (dry)
Savoy Cabbage 2 1/2 Cabbages
Fresh Parsley 1 Large bunch
Sourdough Bread Small brown sourdough loaf
Kale 255g
Lemon 4 Whole
Cooked Chestnuts 600g
Taglitelli 450g
Chicory 3 heads
Celery 3 Sticks
Risotto Rice 525g
Brussel Sprouts 450g
White wine 225ml

Store Cupboard

Ingredient Amount
Olive Oil Enough for 33 Tablespoons (around 1/2 a litre)
Vegetable Stock Enough for 3.5l
Dry Oregano Enough for 3 Tablespoons


The above ingredients are designed to be enough to get 3 meals for 2 people from each of the recipes. The ingredients should get you:

Day Lunch Dinner
Sunday Tuscan Bean Soup
Monday Leftover Soup Potato Salad
Tuesday Leftover Salad Chestnut Risotto
Wednesday Leftover Soup Leftover Salad
Thursday Leftover Risotto Tagliatelle
Friday Leftover Risotto Leftover Tagliatelle
Saturday Leftover Tagliatelle Out
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