Mid December Treats

Compared to the average UK diet, eating this weekly menu means you will:

  • Save around 28.28 kg CO2e per person.
  • Thats equivalent to the emissions produced driving 233.75km in a modern car.

Shopping List

Ingredient Amount
Pumpkin 1 Medium & 1 small (around 1.5kg)
Garlic 3 Bulbs
White Onion 3 Medium sized
Sage 1 small bunch
Potato 750g
Risotto Rice 525g
Celery Stick 5
Shallot 21
Cooked Whole Chestnuts 300g
Brussel Sprouts 450g
White Wine 225ml
Pene Pasta 800g
Squash 1 Medium & 1 Small
Winter Cabbage (Kale, Winter Greens, e.t.c) 200g

Store Cupboard

Ingredient Amount
Olive Oil Enough for 11 Tablespoons
Vegetable Oil Enough for 3 Tablespoons
Vegetable Stock Enough for 2.5l
Flour 75g
Baking Powder 12 teaspoon


The above ingredients are designed to be enough to get 3 meals for 2 people from each of the recipes. The ingredients should get you:

Day Lunch Dinner
Sunday Roast Pumpkin & Garlic Soup with Bread
Monday Leftover Soup w Bread Chestnut & Brussel Sprouts Risotto
Tuesday Leftover Risotto Fennel & Onion Baked Beans On Potato Farls
Wednesday Leftover Soup w Bread Leftover Baked Beans
Thursday Leftover Risotto Squash & Winter Cabbage Pene
Friday Leftover Baked Beans Leftover Pene
Saturday Leftover Pene Out
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