Pea and Mint Soup With Roast Jersey Royals and Radish Slices

Serves: 4
Takes: 30 mins

Two of my favourite seasonal stars in one dish, peas and jersey royals, could this be love. I’ve elevated the traditional pea and mint soup combo by adding a good smattering of flavour with some tender roasties and fresh radish thins. This is not the thin bland pea soup you’re used to. I recommend using fresh garden peas in this recipes, but frozen peas will do just fine.

When To Eat

I recommend eating this dish from June to September. If you’re eating this dish in June/July try getting your hands on some delicious jersey royals, otherwise traditional new potatoes will do just fine.


Each of our recipes comes with carbon emissions numbers for the base ingredients. If you’re unsure why this is the case, checkout out the about page to find out more.

Name Amount KG CO2e
New Potato 500 g 0.09
Banana Shallot 4 Shallots 0.051
Garlic 2 Cloves 0.012
Little Gem Lettuce 2 Lettuce 0.152
Garden Peas 750 g 0.285
Vegetable Stock 1 Litre 0.583
Mint 75 g 0.06
Radish 200 g 0.048
Olive Oil 3 Tablespoons 0.128

This meal is around 87% less polluting than the average UK meal.

  • Eating this recipe will save around 2.58 kg CO2e per person.
  • That's equivalent to the emissions produced driving 21.33km in a modern car.


  • Halve the new potatoes and place on a roasting tray. Cover with 2 tablespoons of the olive oil and a decent helping of salt. Then place in a 200˚c oven for 20 - 25 minutes until golden and crispy.
  • Whilst the potatoes are cooking, peel and dice the garlic and shallots. Heat the remaining olive oil in a deep pan over a medium heat. Fry the garlic and shallots for around 3 - 4 minutes until soft. Roughly chop the lettuce and add to the pan, fry for about a minute, before adding the peas, mint and stock. Cover the pan and simmer for about 10 minutes. Then blend the soup using a hand blender or food processor until smooth. Season to taste.
  • Thinly slice the radish. Serve the soup in individual bowls with a good handful of the potatoes and a sprinkling of the sliced radish.
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