Peanut Glazed Swede With Green Cabbage and Chilli Noodles

Serves: 4
Takes: 30 mins

Swede glorious swede.

Why is it that when we think of seasonal winter veggies we're immediately drawn to roasts and mashes of invariably beige colour. Winter veg can be more. This recipe shows how versatile it can be. These savoury chilli ramen noodles are quick to make and utterly delicious. The peanut glazed Swede are really the star of the show. Crisp and sticky exterior and smooth but firm inside.

More swede please.

When To Eat

Swede comes into season in the late winter months, but like many root vegetables, they are harvested and stored until late April. I would recommend eating this dish from November to April, but the freshest Swede can be enjoyed in October & November.


Each of our recipes comes with carbon emissions numbers for the base ingredients. If you’re unsure why this is the case, checkout out the about page to find out more.

Peanut Glazed Swede

Name Amount KG CO2e
Swede 1 Medium 0.145
Sesame Seeds 1 Tablespoon 0.012
Soy Sauce 3 Tablespoons 0.02
Maple Syrup 3 Tablespoons 0.004
Rice Wine Vinegar 2 Tablespoons 0.063
Lime (juiced) 1 Lime 0.026
Crunchy Peanut Butter 1 Tablespoon 0.038
Sunflower Oil 5 Tablespoons 0.234

Green Cabbage Noodles

Name Amount KG CO2e
Ramen Noodles 250 g 0.408
Green Cabbage (sliced into thin ribbons) 200 g 0.1
Ginger (peeled and finely chopped) 100 g 0.044
Garlic (peeled and finely chopped) 2 Cloves 0.012
Spring Onions (thinly sliced) 4 Onions 0.034
Soy Sauce 2 Tablespoons 0.013
Red Chilli 1 Chilli 0.027
Sunflower Oil 4 Tablespoons 0.188

This meal is around 96% less polluting than the average UK meal.

  • Eating this recipe will save around 2.84 CO2e per person.
  • That's equivalent to the emissions produced driving 23.45km in a modern car.


  1. First cook your ramen noodles. Prepare to packet instructions, then drain and reserve. Don't worry about the noodles going cold. They'll be heated up again later.
  2. Peel and chop the swede into 2 cm cubes. Place into a saucepan and cover with salted water. Bring the pan to the boil, then turn down to a simmer and cook for 5 minutes. Drain and reserve.
  3. Heat the 5 tablespoons of oil in a deep frying pan or wide saucepan over a high heat. When the oil begins to smoke, toss in the swede. Fry the swede cubes for 1 minute, until the underside begins to brown, then flip and fry on the opposite side for a further minute. At this point the swede should be evenly browned all over, if not just keep frying for a minute more, but be careful as the swede will quickly burn.
  4. Drain oil from the pan and remove the swede. Then pour in all the glaze ingredients, except 1/2 the lime juice, and reduce over a medium heat. Stir the mixture whilst reducing to incorporate the peanut butter. When the glaze begins to thicken and bubble, add the swede back into the pan and coat in the glaze. Cook for a further minute then take off the heat.
  5. Next heat the remaining 4 tablespoons of sunflower oil in a deep saucepan or wok over a high heat. Toss in your sliced greens and fry for 2 minutes until wilted. Then tip in the garlic, ginger, spring onions and half the chilli into the pan. Fry for a minute before pouring in the soy sauce. Stir the mixture until the soy sauce has reduced and covered the vegetables evenly. Take the pan off the heat and stir in the ramen noodles.
  6. Return the swede glaze pan back to the heat. Once the sauce begins to bubble remove. Plate your noodles and spoon the swede over the top followed by a few drops of the reserved lime juice. Sprinkle each dish with some sesame seeds and sliced chilli.

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