Hello I’m Hugo, the creator, developer and chief crazy person at Lowly.

I started Lowly to help more people discover sustainable food. Planet-friendly food doesn’t have to be bland and boring. The recipes on Lowly celebrate how diverse, flavourful and amazing it truly is.

On my site you’ll find recipes designed to be as best for the planet as possible, without scrimping on taste.

Each recipe follows a simple formula. They are always plant-based, selectively seasonal and favour local ingredients. Each one comes with a climate impact rating along with seasonal tips and swap outs.

I hope by cooking the recipes on this site you’ll discover new and exciting dishes, and along the way you’ll shrink your carbon footprint.

That’s great – we all need to shed a little carbon weight these days. Lowly is a blueprint for that diet. One that sacrifices none of the flavour but offers maximum planetary returns. I call it “the low carbon diet”.

Welcome Friend!

If you want to read more about how I calculate the carbon footprint for my recipes? I’ve covered it in detail here.