Hello and welcome to Lowly. I’m Hugo - the site’s creator.

Over recent years I’ve grown steadily more aware of agriculture’s negative impact on the planet. It’s now understood that food production is responsible for around ⅓ of worldwide greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions 1. I wanted to find out how I could help reduce this footprint. After researching different diets and foods I came to realise - how and what you eat can have a big influence in reducing carbon emissions.

But understanding what to eat is complex. A variety of factors make up a product’s eventual environmental impact, most of which consumers have little visibility on. Some include; food type, season, country of origin, food miles, transit and storage 2-3. This means selecting what to eat is tricky and confusing.

I started Lowly to make choosing sustainable food easy. I provide simple and tasty recipes that I’ve researched which are guaranteed to lower your carbon footprint.

Supermarkets have neglected giving environmental information about the majority of their products. At Lowly, every recipe comes with a detailed carbon footprint breakdown. We provide visibility of what goes on your dinner plate.

Recently, I took this one step further and decided to start delivering my recipes through sustainable meal kit service - providing planet friendly meals to Londoners, delivered by bike using 100% re-usable packaging. You can read more about it here.

My mission is to allow everyone to change the food supply for the better. I want to enable everyone to eat healthy & save the planet.

(1) H. C. J. Godfray et al., Science 327, 812–818 (2010). (2) K. M. Carlson et al., Nat. Clim. Change 7, 63–68 (2016). (3) Hoolohan C, Berners-Lee M, McKinstry-West J et al. Energy Policy 63, 1065–1074. (2013)