My Favourite Swede Recipes

My Favourite Swede Recipes

Swede, or rutabaga as our American cousins call it, is perhaps the most vexing of root vegetables. It has a reputation for being a large, round and bland veggie that isn’t good for anything other than mash.

But I think swede has been drastically misunderstood. From the outside it may look like a rather boring rotund vegetable. However, in my humble opinion, it is deceivingly versatile and flavourful. It provides a wonderful addition to the autumn and winter dinner plate.

The problem is many resources online seem to reference the only way to enjoy swede is by boiling or roasting it. Suggesting enjoying the vegetable on its own is the best way to eat it. I disagree – I think swede’s strength is its ability to offer texture and depth to dishes.

Once I started to think of swede in this way I embraced the wonderful root as a seasonal saviour to the winter palate. Take some of the following examples of how great swede can be.

Swede can be used as the base for sauces, providing a silky and flavoursome alternative to thickeners like coconut milk or cream. Simply cook the swede in the recipe broth or stock and then blend. The result will be a wonderfully rich and thick sauce. Just look at my jungle curry recipe as an example.

Swede can also offer a crunchy bite to a dish. Cubed and glazed with a sticky sauce and pan fried it provides a texture and taste not dissimilar to fried tofu. Just check out my peanut glazed swede recipe to see what I’m talking about.

So embrace swede with both arms, and give it the love it deserves. This humble root vegetable has been relegated to the bottom shelf for too long. What follows is a list of my favourite swede recipes from the site. I personally cook these on a regular occasion and hope you love them every bit as much as I do.

Long live swede!

Swede And Lentil Jungle Curry Profile
Swede And Lentil Jungle Curry
This fresh and healthy curry turns any swede into a delicious dinner. This recipe is simple to make and is bursting full of flavour.
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peanut glazed swede noodles profile
Peanut Glazed Swede With Green Cabbage and Chilli Noodles
These savoury chilli ramen noodles are quick to make and utterly delicious. The peanut glazed swede is really the star of the show. Crisp and sticky exterior and smooth but firm inside, yum!
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Creamy Swede Vegan Mac And Cheese
This dairy free, creamy mac and cheese is thanks to a cunning combination of blended swede and cashews. It's revolutionary!
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swede and lentil soup profile
Spicy Red Lentil and Swede Soup
This flavoursome and spicy soup is a great way to enjoy the mighty swede. It's gloriously think and warming. Perfect for when you need a little warming up on a dark evening!
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Blackened swede profile
Blackened Swede And Fennel Salad With Pearl Barley
This filling salad is simple to make. Caramelised swede and pearl barley make a wonderful combination. This dish is nutty, savoury and most of all delicious.
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